The International Conference for Christian camp directors, program leaders, counselors, marketers, fundraisers and creative camp staff teams.

November 8-9, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine

(Metro station "Pochayna", 23, Stepan Bandera Avenue, Shopping Center "Gorodok Gallery", 3rd floor, "POCHAYNA Event Hall")

Camps 2020 are Near

Autumn is the best time to evaluate, reflect and start preparation for the new season. A good Christian camp works year-round and after the summer programs are over it is engaged in camper and staff follow-up activities. We do our ReCamp conference to provide rejuvenation after the summer camps season and help recharge your entire camp team for effective camper follow-up ministry as well as for preparation for the next summer.

Achieve More for Christ

The goal of CCI-Ukraine as Association of Christian Camps goes far beyond vocational training. Our buzz word is Ecosystem. We believe that through developing relationships between camp teams and inspiring a more holistic approach to leadership development within the church, we can help raise new leaders whose hearts are on fire to do God's will and to bring light into this world, which in turn can bring fundamental changes for the development of society. The Ecosystem of Christian Camps, on which we have been working in Ukraine for over 20 years, is becoming more and more solid every year. And we pray that this year will be another step in its development.

Build Your Dream Team

In different ReCamp courses, we will be dealing with the following topics:

  • How to find ministers/leaders and light a fire in them?
  • How to identify talents and start using them?
  • What needs to be done in order to have a team that can achieve more next year?
  • How to grow a real team of committed camp leaders in our turbulent and busy world overloaded with information, tasks and challenges?

This year we have decided to place even more emphasis on working with your camp team and with the youth who grow up in our ministries.








ReCamp - Two Days That Are Worth Your While!

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